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iPhone 4s images leaked?

Three images leaked yesterday which are claimed to be a disassembled iPhone 4s device, attached to an A5 processor. There is much debate as to whether this could actually be the first images of the upcoming phone from Apple.

PhoneArena.com found a Chinese blogging site Weibo which appeared to be highlighted a new iPhone logic board which was connected to the back of a white iPhone 4 style panel. An A5 processor could be seen, alongside some cabling and a battery with LCD display.

No one is vouching that this is actually an unreleased iPhone 4s, but the evidence points to an unreleased Apple product.

This image was followed up later with MacPost publishing a picture of a device, which looked very similar to the iPhone 4. later, Pandaxtech leaked another image which shows a new main board, battery and the A5 processor. One of the images shows the phone powered on, and looking for an initial setup with iTunes.

Again, no one is officially confirming these images as being the upcoming iPhone release, but we would assume that the images are leaking from sources close to the release. Information sourced from MacRumors.

Kitguru says: The iPhone 5 leaks are sure to be next in line.

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