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Sapphire HD6870 Dual Fan Overclock Edition Review (with Dirt 3)

Rating: 9.0.

AMD’s HD6870 has risen in popularity in recent months, as prices have continued to drop. Today in the UK you can pick up a Sapphire 1GB HD6870 for £135 inc vat, making an ideal, low cost purchase for gaming at 1080p. Today we are looking at a heavily modified card from Sapphire which is supplied with a proprietary two fan cooling system and custom PCB design.

Sapphire have been making modified graphics cards for as long as I can remember, but we are particularly interested in this card today as they have increased the size of the fan, and added an extra one for good measure. The card is equipped with 1120 stream processors, 56 texture processing units and clock speeds have been increased to 920mhz core and 1050mhz for the 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

The new card has dual 90mm fans with thin impellers to move the same amount of air, but with 10% lower rotation speeds than the standard design. This should not only reduce noise, but with the special dust sealed bearings they will have a longer life span.

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  • Francois

    Tres bien ! very nice design. More cards should use bigger (and more) fans.

  • Ten

    Great card, if they could get it out for £150 A lot of people would jump all over it.

  • Fanasas

    Dual fan cards rock. AMD always stick with those shitty little 60mm red fans. must be a stockpile in a warehouse somewhere of 10 billion.

  • Colin

    Been buying Sapphire for 10 years now, it aint gonna change anytime soon 😉

  • David

    Can it be bought anywhere yet?

  • Jeremey

    Looks much better than the reference design. 1000mhz core is great. I recently bought a new 24 inch screen and my 6770 runs out of steam with some games, might ebay it and go for one of these if the price is right.

  • Optix

    Two of these in crossfire for under 300? you should follow up. I bet it would kick the GTX580 ass.

  • Stephan

    by us in the Netherlands, we can get this card for a minimum of £146 (€170) and for a average of £154 (€180) (with the current exchange rates!!)

    €1 ≈ £0,85