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iPhone 4s sales may reach 4 million at weekend

Well it won't come as much of a shock to hear that Apple are already on track for a monumental first month after the release of their new iPhone 4s. While the press have been rather muted in response to the ‘tweaked' new design, it appears that the punters don't really care. People have been camping out to get their hands on the new phone and sales could hit 4 million this weekend.

The iPhone 4s will be remembered as the last phone which was developed under Steve Jobs reign, and today it will be available in many parts of the world, such as the U.K. Germany, France, Canada and Japan. When the iPhone 4 was released it sold 1.7 million units in the first weekend which at the time was incredible. The iPhone 4s is estimated to sell between 2 and 4 million this weekend, depending on which analyst firm you speak to.

Kitguru says: Apple have also released a new update to iOS which features 200 new features and a web storage system.

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