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XFX HD6950 DD, HD6870 DD and HD6790 DD Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are looking at three new cards from XFX which feature their latest ‘DD' cooling system. Before you all jump to wrong conclusions, it actually stands for ‘Double Dissipation' – a dual fan system with 3 direct contact copper heatpipes. XFX claim record low temperatures and equally impressive noise emissions. Are the HD6950 DD, HD6870 DD and HD6790 DD really as good as they say?

There is no doubt that AMD make some great graphics cards, but when it comes to creating a decent, quiet cooling system they really struggle – I have no idea why they continue to use those tiny, high spinning red fans, but it certainly opens up the market for their partners.

XFX have already released a few graphics cards with dual fan cooling system, but they have tweaked the designs and released a new range under the ‘DD' banner. Knowing the guys in XFX as well as I do, the sexual connotations are surely intentional.

We have three of the new cards up for test today.

The high end XFX HD6950 DD which retails for £229.99 inc vat

The mainstream performance XFX HD6870 DD which retails for £137 inc vat.

The budget gaming XFX HD6790 DD which retails for £116 inc vat.

Today we will slot them into a high end system and measure their relative performance. Are they worth the dosh?

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