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Survey shows 35 percent will buy iPhone 5

We generally take surveys with a large pinch of salt, but the latest poll from PriceGrabber shows that 35 percent of people from an audience of 2,852 consumers are planning to buy a new iPhone 5, when it is released.

52 percent of people polled claim they will buy the iPhone 5 within the first year of release and 30 percent say they will get it by the end of 2011. Seven percent are claiming they will buy it within the first week of release.

The survey by PriceGrabber was held between the 1st of July and the 11th of July. As yet, Apple have even to acknowledge the release of the new product however going on refresh cycles it will be due shortly. Normally they are released every June, but component shortages and other factors have delayed the release this year.

Graham Jones, the general manager of PriceGrabber said “Our survey data  confirms the strong following Apple has built around its iPhone, with more than one-third of consumers planning to upgrade to the latest model only a little over a year following the release of the iPhone 4.

Anticipation and brand loyalty are certainly high, but in today’s 24/7 work culture and uncertain economic environment, consumers are cautious to look for a reasonably priced phone that will perform optimally over an extended time period.”

While it is a relatively small number of users to poll for a definitive answer, we know by looking at other polls that Apple users are very loyal and a huge percentage sell their old phone online and trade up to the newest model. We can expect Apple sales to be high, as they always are when a new iPhone is released.

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