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Verizon get white iPhone 4 – fans rejoice

In the reams of Apple products the white iPhone 4 is one of the most awaited products to hit retail. It seems that finally Verizon have gotten the exclusive rights to sell the white version, which may very well go live later today or tomorrow. Right now however this is just a rumour on the net, but apparently some reliable sources are behind the information.

The production of the white iPhone 4 has apparently been fraught with issue, which is unusual as previous models of the iPhone had white versions available to the public within a very short time. It will go down in Apple mythodology as a mystery. One of the best reasons we have seen online points to the fact that the glass for the front bezel and back cover couldn’t be made opaque enough to stop light from leaking into the insides of the camera hardware inside the phone.

The ultimate phone: apparently.

If you are reading this in Europe then be prepared for a much longer wait as the American audience always get the new goodies quicker.

KitGuru says: Is the white iPhone 4 that big a deal? let us know.

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