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Game developers get A5 powered iPhone to prepare for new launch

Apple are helping game developers to prepare for the new iPhone 5 by giving them super power iPhone 4's equipped with the new A5 processor.

This new prototype is called the iPhone 4S, will let developers test the potential power of the upcoming phone without waiting several months for new devices to become available.

The new A5 processor which is in the iPad will be making the debut in the new iPhone 5 and offers nine times the gaming performance capabilities of the current iPhone 4 (and iPad 1).

The iPhone 4S looks identical to the iPhone 4 except for the inclusion of the new A5 Apple processor. The device runs a special version of iOS 4 with support for the chip, but the next iPhone is due to launch with iOS5. The device spends the evenings locked in a company safe to avoid a rerun of the lost iPhone prototype fiasco that irritated Apple.

If these reports are accurate then it would suggest that the iPhone 5 will not be available until Autumn at the earliest. If initial rumours were to be believed that Apple were launching the iPhone 5 in June, the developers would already have more complete designs in hand.

The iPhone 5 will ship with an 8 megapixel camera with some chassis designs, so we expect to see a white version of the iPhone 5 much quicker than the troubled white iPhone 4 which still hasn't been released.

KitGuru says: A5 processor will be a gamers heaven.

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