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Apple exec responsible for troubled antenna design quits

News has just filtered into KitGuru that the Apple executive who was in charge of iPhone engineering and therefore responsible for the antenna design on the iPhone 4 has left the company.

Many people are filing in the blanks however and are assuming that Mark Papermasters departure from Apple may be related to the much discussed iPhone antenna issue. The Wall Street Journal says Apple Executive Exits After iPhone “Antennagate”, the New York Times says Executive Leaves After iPhone Trouble, and The Register haven't minced their words Apple Hardware Exec Falls on Sword.

Apple sites and fan related press however are stating that Papermasters departure from Apple has nothing to do with iPhone antenna issues because Apple are still denying that it is actually a problem at all. Normally a company has to admit an issue before forcing a resignation of a high ranking employee.

Mark Papermaster - now Ex Apple

Steve Jobs recently held a press conference detailing antenna issues with many other phones on the market saying that almost all smartphones have an antenna death grip issue. Jobs has even went as far to say that Apple placed a little line in the antenna bottom left corner which shows users the area they are not meant to touch. Say what?

Mark Papermaster's departure may not prove that Apple are internally accepting a design fault but it certainly does raise some eyebrows, especially among the PC oriented press hordes.

KitGuru says: Did Papermaster leave on his own merits or do you think Apple forced him to resign? share your views.

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