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Apple iPhone 4 – hardware issues already

KitGuru has been reporting on the phenomenal iPhone 4 sales recently and yesterday we trawled the net for reviews – which were incredibly positive. Today the iPhone is released in the United Kingdom however there have been calls of complaint regarding screen issues and call performance related problems – it might be best to wait a few weeks before a purchase until a wider range of reports become available.

CNET have reported that many people have been complaining about the display, and in some instances there have been yellow spots polluting the screen. Display issues have been actually confirmed as a problem by Apple – although they are offering to replace the handsets to any users unhappy with their purchase. Insiders have mentioned that the display problems may be related to yield issues from display manufacturer LG.

The call problems are apparently tied into the redesign of the antenna, which now uses a metal band around the edge of the phone. According to recent reports, when the handset is held with fingers touching the band the signal strength drops dramatically – in some instances even dropping from full strength to one bar (or none).

Apple have yet to comment on this more serious call related issue however if they continue to get reported then they will have no alternative but to step in and make a public statement.

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