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Apple make progress with ‘white’ iPhone 4

While many people have been focusing on the ‘antennagate' ordeal with the troubled iPhone 4, Apple have been quietly dealing with issues with the release of the white version of the phone.

“As has been suggested before, one of the main dilemmas is argued to have been getting the right paint thickness — specifically on the front panel, though, and in a way that doesn't affect the proximity sensor or create light bleeds,” MacNN reports. “A complicating factor is said to be the need to silkscreen the paint on in a way that leaves a gap for the LCD. The back panel is thought to be fine as far as technical issues go, since there is no display to account for.”

Boy Genius have also published information on the white iPhone 4 dilemma “There is also reportedly an issue with the actual paint itself, which we’re told is silkscreened on the front glass. Apple has had to come up with a paint mix that will stay white and won’t discolor, flake, etc. Our source let us know that Apple might have actually worked through these issues and that white iPhone 4s might not be so far away from shipping in the near future, Apple just probably left it open-ended so they wouldn’t crush expectations again.”

KitGuru says: Are you one of the users waiting on the white version? Do you think it looks sexier?

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