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Microsoft say that Apple’s iPhone ‘might be their Vista’

Microsoft seem to be rather happy about the recent iPhone 4 issues and they have gone public with a rather damning statement about Apple's new product.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner was recently giving a keynote speak at the WorldWide Partner Conference and he said “It looks like the iPhone might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that”. However if you analyse what he said, it appears that he is accepting that there were some problems with Vista!

Even our COO says Vista was crap. Oh noes. Yes he is over there....

He followed this up by saying “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call”. Bitchy!

KitGuru says: For those expecting people in high positions to act with dignity, prepare to be disappointed on a regular basis.

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