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Hacker unlocks iPhone 4 software

It was only a matter of time before someone hacked the iPhone 4 software and the iPhone Dev Team have demonstrated a software unlock for Apples new phone.

The iPhone Dev Team have broken every software release that Apple have put on the market and it appears that the newest OS has not escaped their coding expertise.

The Dev Team has yet to release the software as they say it is still in beta and needs some cleaning up before being made available for download. The video shows “Planetbeing” saying that another member of the team is currently working on a system to attain carrier unlock. Once the two methods are compared by the group they will pick the best method and release it to the public.

Why hack the phone? Well in the US for example Apple only work with a single carrier and with the unlock software customers can then purchase the phone online without being tied to the chosen operator. This means less cost to the consumer as they don't pay over the odds for percentage fees to Apple.

The hacking team have yet to say when the software will be released but we would assume very shortly.

KitGuru says: The game of cat and mouse continues!

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