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Apple to hold surprise press conference Friday

Apple are holding a surprise press conference on Friday as they continue to deal with disgruntled customers complaining about iPhone 4 reception issues.

Steve Dowling, a spokesperson for Apple said that they would hold the conference on Friday at 10am from their HQ in Cupertino, California. He has yet to give details on the specifics of the event however many organisations such as Reuters feel that the topic over signal reception may very become a key focal point.

Analysts for the last week have been concerned that Apple are not dealing with the reception issues in the right manner and are attempting to either ignore or dismiss it as a minor problem. There has even been rumours of a possible product recall although we suspect this would be a last resort and a road that Apple will not want to travel.

The company has already been sued by several consumers over the matter however as wider reports come in, it does appear to not be significantly widespread.

Apple are still going to release a software patch for the software as they claim the issues are due to the signal strength bar ‘overreading' the strength. Other experts feel the issue is a problem with the hardware itseld and the steel band which runs around the chassis to create the antenna system.

KitGuru says: We will report back from the Press event on Friday.

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