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Curiosity cube reaches last few layers, end in sight

Remember Peter Molyneux's high concept social game? Curosity? You know the one with all the cubes? Well when it was launched, there was a big furore over what was at the centre of the cube. Molyneux said it would be life changing and for a while, a lot of sites and individuals kept up on the progress of players as they tapped away, removing layer upon layer; but after hundreds of layers and over six months of tapping, pretty much everyone gave up caring. Now though, we're nearing the end and it will be interested to see if the “life changing” centre really pays off.

According to Molyneux's studio, 22 Cans' predictions, we're looking at around 10th May for the cube to finally be opened up, with the winner receiving a link to a video that will give them their final prize, or at least share with them what it is. At that point the winner will have the option to share the video around or keep it to themselves.

The winner is going to be really bummed if the video just says, “42.”

Speaking with Eurogamer, Molyneux said: “If I give any clues then the amazing fact that it hasn't leaked out – because I'm just such a blabber mouth – it would be such a shame if that was the case.”

Curiosity's recent headline grabbing announcement was that you could pay real money to add cubelets back to the cube. You could pay real money to troll people. It's not known how many people took 22 Cans up on this offer, but considering it's not been long since this feature was introduced and we're suddenly near the end of the cube, it can't have been many.

Kitguru Says: While I admire 22 Cans ability to get so many people “playing” on the same cube, the idea of this as a game confused me. You're just tapping your screen, there's no gameplay, no scope. This isn't Minecraft, it's just tapping. Snore. 

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