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Mars may have methane producing microbes

nasa mars methane

In a paper released in the Science academic journal a few days ago, a group of NASA scientists has confirmed the existence of methane gas on Mars. This is a good indicator of life, as 95% of methane here on Earth is generated by Microbes. While this is in itself impressive, some of the other …

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NASA’s next Mars rover will test basic terraforming

The Mars Curiosity rover is a not-so-little badass, having taken astounding pictures of the surface of the red planet, zapped rocks with lasers to find out their chemical components and given us hope that we might one day find life on the seemingly dead world. It’s older cousin, Opportunity, is …

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Lego is going all Mars-Curious

I’m so confident the question on your lips after reading this will be, “why didn’t they release this before Christmas?” that I’m opening the article with it. That’s right, Lego, the makers of real-world Minecraft blocks, has announced plans to launch a 1:20 scale lego model of the Mars Curiosity …

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Curiosity rover finds ancient fresh water lake

NASA’s Curiosity rover continues to throw up exciting information about its current home, Mars, where it has found evidence that suggests there was once a fresh water lake in an area known as Yellowknife Bay that was neither too acidic, nor too alkaline to support life. abortion persuasive essay Announced …

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Mars rat gets internet all flustered

If there’s one thing the human brain and the internet have in common, its deriving meaning from something very mundane and both of these phenomenons have struck again, with the recent “discovery” of the Mars rat, a small rock that does indeed look like a rodent – on Mars. It …

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Rovers investigate Martian river beds

The twin Mars Rovers Opportunity and Curiosity have both been looking into old riverbeds on the red planet, discovering that flowing water existed in impressive volumes at one point, suggesting that life could well have been sustained in Mars’ history. A lot of this new information comes from rocks drilled …

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Curiosity rover is photo sharing again


After a malfunction that booted the little guy into safe mode – we’re assuming the intergalactic version of a BSOD – the Mars Curiosity Rover is once again transmitting pictures across the cosmos to our humble blue marble of a planet. Unfortunately however, the little guy may need to take …

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Molyneux isn’t convinced Smartglass is a good thing


Despite the Wii U’s gamepad and Microsoft’s Smartglass – and yours truly – suggesting that the addition of a second screen and the mix up between touch and traditional gaming controllers is something worth investing our interest in, Peter Molyneux, currently working on his next big project at 22 Cans, isn’t …

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Curiosity touches down successfully – Tweets Curiosity

At 06:32 this morning, the Mars Science Lab completed the second stage in its journey to discover if the Red Planet ever supported life. KitGuru breathes a sigh of relief. In a novel twist to space exploration, NASA scientists have programmed Curiosity to behave exactly like a human on holiday. …

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