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Peter Molyneux asking for donations for Curiosity’s sake

Peter Molyneux, the man behind many a hit god sim and recently the cube tapping experiment, “Curiosity,” has asked the general public for donations to help push the iOS title into a state where it's playable in the fashion that it was designed.

For the past several days, players of Curiosity have found it difficult to log in and there has been lag and delays between their tapping and other players seeing it. Apparently Molyneux's company, 22 Cans, has now found a solution to these problems, but in order to make it work, server costs will go up by a large margin – which is apparently where you come in.

“We may need help to make the experience truly wonderful, our server costs are going to ramp up with our new fix,” Molyneux explained (via CVG). This was followed up by a statement on the company's website: “We are a small independent developer and due to popular demand we now offer the option for kind people to donate, so that we can make Curiosity the best possible experience it can be. However big or small the donation; it will really help us make Curiosity better.”

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQyjRhumDy8′]

KitGuru Says: So what's the verdict on this one guys? Molyneux has a sizeable fortune of his own. Should he be investing that, or is it ok to ask the community to help out, considering Curiosity is a free app? Let us know.

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