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Prostate Cancer Foundation returns Fappening Redditor donations

While the world of gaming has been embroiled in the whole #GamerGate fiasco, the celebrity bloggers and many an internet community have been frothing over something else entirely. The celebrity nude scandal, or if you'd rather, “The Fappening,” involved the leaking of hundreds of nude photographs of prominent actresses, models and …

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Watch out for fake MH17 scam pages

If you're looking to find out more about the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash over the Ukraine recently, then try not to do it on Facebook, as many of the pages set up in memorial for victims – especially children – are turning out to be scams that send you to …

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New Zealand MP found guilty in Dotcom donation scandal

Long standing New Zealand politician, John Banks, has been found guilty of deliberately concealing the source of donations during his mayoral campaign back in 2010. He's set to be sentenced on the 1st August, shortly before the general election, so will see out his current term as the only seated …

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Freecycle for the street with Dutch plastic bags

Good Bag

There are probably a few younger Kitguru readers that have found themselves in a new abode without much in the way of appliances or seating options, and some that simply don't have enough funds to replace an ageing piece of furniture. Those people will likely be familiar with Freecycle – the community …

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