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Curiosity rover is photo sharing again

After a malfunction that booted the little guy into safe mode – we’re assuming the intergalactic version of a BSOD – the Mars Curiosity Rover is once again transmitting pictures across the cosmos to our humble blue marble of a planet.

Unfortunately however, the little guy may need to take a break throughout April, as the Sun is set to pass between us and Mars, making communications difficult at best – you know, because the Sun is ridiculously big. However, this doesn’t mean that lil’ Rover will be sitting idle. While he will receive no commands – that could potentially be corrupted – between 4th April and 1st May, Curiosity will be continuing his previously scheduled functions and experiments.

This picture is a colorised black and white mosaic of images.

So far Curiosity has not only sent back fascinating pictures of the red planet, but has also discovered a white rock which adds to the evidence pile that Mars once had flowing water on its surface.

The Rover was forced to halt in its tracks recently however, due to a series of setbacks. These included a memory failure, followed by a shut down during a solar storm and finally a random glitch forced scientists to send Curiosity into temporary safe mode.

KitGuru Says: I’m really, really looking forward to the first manned Mars mission. I feel lucky that we’re part of the generation that gets to witness that. Of course those in their mid-50s will no doubt remember the moon landing as it happened. While I wouldn’t trade my virile young form for yours, that’s a pretty cool memory to have.

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