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Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity indirectly makes a God

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity game that had thousands tapping away at big cube for months during 2013 trying desperately to reach the center and the final tap. In the end a young chap from Edinburgh called Bryan Henderson tapped the final block out of existence and was destined to receive the so-called “life-changing” prize for doing so. Only thing is, it didn't really turn out that way, until now.

As a recent report published by Eurogamer states, nothing has really changed at all for Bryan in the intervening years and to make matters even worse he was still not a God as was promised by the perpetually over promising Molyneux, all he got was a t-shirt. But now, thanks to Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital, the developer behind Hotline Miami, Bryan will finally receive his God-like status. On a recent Youtube video Devolver have stated that “Bryan Henderson has been lost for years. He was promised he would become a God… Now, thanks to Not A Hero, he has,”
Developed by OlliOlli studio roll7 and published by Devolver Digital, Not A Hero now contains Bryan as a God, with fittingly God-like powers. The game should be up for release on PC, PS4 and PSVita sometime in the next few months and is a 2D cover-based indie shooter, which all sounds pretty fun. Bryan however will not be a playable character.
[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ag_93F3_9E'] When asked for his thoughts on the situation by Polygon Bryan was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, saying “I didn't really know what to expect when I was waiting for the email from Devolver, so when I got asked to be a character in the game I just thought ‘Well this is pretty cool. I'm up for this.'” Well at least our new God is relaxed about the whole thing.

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KitGuru Says: Peter Molyneux's nasty habit of over promising and under delivering is really getting his reputation a beating. I've been at a few of his talks and he is very convincing in person, so it's easy to believe all he says at the time, I just wish he wouldn't over promise as the games he does end up making are often some of my favourites.

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