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1Tbps mobile data speeds could soon be a reality


Thanks to research currently being conducted at the 5G Innovation Centre at the UK's University of Surrey we could all be enjoying some incredibly fast mobile data connections, when 5G networks are rolled out. They have recently tested equipment that exceeds 1Tbps wirelessly with extremely low latency. This lab test handily beats any …

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Solar eclipses could soon become dangerous


Solar eclipses are probably not something that most of us humans have been scared of in a very long time, thanks to science and reasoning, but soon there may actually be a reason to be at least a little nervous. With our increasing dependence on energy drawn from the Sun …

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CITIZENFOUR wins an Oscar and Snowden does an AMA


CITIZENFOUR, the recently premiered documentary by Laura Poitras about the beginning of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, has won an Oscar for “Best Documentary” at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. The film shows Snowden's efforts to expose the gross abuses of the US government's National Security Agency, along with the help of Laura Poitras …

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Y2k for the Linux world is the year 2038


All computer systems rely heavily on clocks to perform almost any function and this is a problem when your computer OS, does not know how to count past a certain number. The year 2038 will be for Linux, much like the old  Y2k “Millennium Bug” back in 2000, where-by computers …

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Apple will continue to repair MacBooks with GPU fault


It seems that some MacBooks that were sold between February of 2011, until December of 2013 started to develop some pretty severe graphical issues when they were used. Back in 2014 a class action lawsuit was even brought against Apple, as it knew that the laptops were defective and failed to properly compensate customers. …

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Would you pay for YouTube? Google think so

Youtube advert

It's no secret that YouTube is the go to source for instantly watching online videos these days, with YouTube access being a consideration when people are buying anything from tablets and phones, to consoles and TVs, let alone PCs. But now that YouTube is in such a dominant position, as …

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Spies probably have the keys to your phone


Everything your phone transmits to and receives from your network providers phone tower is encrypted, so that only the network operator can receive your calls and data and route them as you request. This is all encrypted with a set of keys on the sim card inside your phone and another set …

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Want to buy 50,000 Bitcoins?

Bitcoins sale

In a rare opportunity, thanks to the United States Marshals Service and Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame, you are now able to bid on 50,000 seized Bitcoins. These Bitcoins are currently worth around £7.7 million (or $11.9 million USD) and were seized from Ulbricht when the feds snatched his laptop away from him in a San …

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HTTP/2 is finished and will be coming to your browser soon


The Internet Engineering Task Force has just reached a consensus and finished finalising the next major update, to the HTTP standard that we all use every day. The specification  builds upon and is an alternative to, but does not obsolete, the HTTP/1.1 standard that was first introduced in 1999, that we currently use whenever …

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The best selling British computer is the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model A+

The low-cost and low power Raspberry Pi micro-computer has just crossed the five million sales marker, making its creators, the Raspberry Pi foundation, the biggest selling UK-based computer manufacturer ever. The Pi computer was originally intended to be used in classrooms to help kids learn to code, but it has found a lot …

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The Halo Needler is now a real dart gun


There are many iconic guns in the Halo series, but perhaps one of the strangest was the Covenants Needler (or Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher as you may know it). It fired piercing needles that embedded into a target and then after a second or so each dart exploded with predictably bad …

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Computers are now better than you at recognising stuff


On average, us flesh sacks can recognise stuff in pictures pretty well, with an error rate of around 5.1% according to a recent study. Previously computers could come pretty close to that, getting around 6.66% of objects wrong. Now however, a new computer vision system from Microsoft Research is actually managing to …

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Water cooling in a super computer called Trinity

Los Alamos Strategic Computing Center

I'm sure your gaming PC is astonishingly powerful and some of you probably have some pretty incredible custom built water cooling solutions, but they don't stand a chance next to the water cooling system currently being installed at the Los Alamos' Strategic Computing Center for the new Trinity supercomputer. Previous supercomputers at the …

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Obama signs order to protect America’s computer networks


In a move to help protect American online businesses and help them coordinate with US authorities, Obama has signed an executive order that will make federal agencies set up a way of sharing data between technicians in these businesses and federal agents. This information sharing will go both ways, with companies tipping …

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The .blog gTLD is now owned by some guy from Panama


The number of Generic Top Level Domains (or gTLDs) has expanded rapidly since ICANN got around to opening up the bidding process, to allow people and corporations to apply for any gTLDs in 2012. After the application process had finished there were applications for 1,409 new TLDs. Some of these domains were …

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Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives on phones


A few hours ago Microsoft opened up the Windows 10 Technical Preview, to a few models of Lumia phones that are currently running Windows Phone 8.1. While on the surface this upgrade isn't a massive change for Windows phone 8.1 users, underneath the covers big changes have been made, to allow …

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NVIDIA posts record revenues for fiscal 2015


NVIDIA has had a very good financial year over the last 12 months, finishing off with a record-breaking 4th quarter with revenue in Q4 of $1.25 billion, up 9 percent from the previous years quarter. GPU revenues for the quarter were 85.8 per cent of the total and climbed 13 percent to bring in …

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Apple bans “bonded servitude” of factory workers


When a new Apple product is being made, production ramps up massively in factories that supply components and products to it, this obviously necessitates a large hiring spree by these factories. Until recently these workers could be charged more than a month's salary in recruitment fees by the agency that hired them, rather than …

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Facebook unveils its data centre scale open-source switch


Facebook might not be the first company that you think of when it comes to data centre hardware, but over the last few years hardware engineering is something that the social network has started to take very seriously, something that happens naturally when your company deals with 890 million daily active users. Today …

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Apple acquires $848m stake in Solar power plant


As part of his keynote address to the Goldman Sachs conference, Tim Cook has announced that Apple has purchased an $848m stake in a new solar plant, to be built in Monterey County, California by First Solar. For its stake in the new plant it will get 130 of the total 230 …

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