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Bing predicts 84% of this year’s Oscar winners correctly

The Bing prediction engine has been busy this last week getting to grips with the Oscars and trying to predict the winners for each category. While it didn't get all 24 predictions correct, it did manage to get 20 correct giving it an 84% success rate.

At last year's Oscars it managed to get one more correct prediction, for 21 out 24 Oscar winners and it has also been pretty successful at predicting both the World Cup and the NFL. The Bing prediction engine is of course the way that Microsoft's Virtual Assistant, Cortana manages to guess the outcomes of events on Windows Phone and soon Windows 10.
While the way that Bing predicts the Oscar winners has not been revealed yet, it has previously used advanced machine learning algorithms to take into account many factors when predicting sporting events. Looking at statistics like previous win/loss ratios of teams and players, where the match is being played, betting predictions and even things like the weather help Bing come to the final result.

The fact that we should soon be able to get these kind of results just by talking to Cortana on the desktop with Windows 10 is pretty exciting and the integration with Office as well could prove useful for looking up facts and statistics.

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KitGuru Says: Hopefully Bing's prediction engine will soon be widened so that it can be this knowledgeable on quite a few different subjects, not just a few big events every year. I mean with these kind of predictions rates it might be worth a trip to your local bookies!

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