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AMD seeking CPU performance engineer to optimize GPU drivers

Advanced Micro Devices is hiring a microprocessor performance engineer to optimize its Catalyst drivers for graphics cards. The programmer will help to optimize AMD drivers to boost performance of Radeon graphics adapters in cases where CPU is a major performance-limiting factor.

The CPU performance engineer will have to analyze CPU bound benchmarks and games to identify a variety of CPU bottlenecks in drivers, optimize the drivers, and provide optimization actions to software developers. The candidate will also investigate new CPU architecture impact on driver performance and translate into actionable tasks. The engineer will have to collaborate with graphics and CPU architects.


The importance of driver optimization has always been high. This importance will grow even further with the emergence of low-level application programming interfaces like Microsoft DirectX 12, OpenGL Next and other. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for AMD to improve its driver teams with CPU performance engineers.

Requirements for candidates are listed at LinkedIn web-site.

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KitGuru Says: Seeking additional specialists indicates that AMD takes driver optimizations very seriously and is always trying to improve its driver team even when it needs to cut its costs.

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