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Windows 10 and the case of the missing desktop


Previously with Windows RT, a specially developed version of Windows 8 made for ARM processors that ran on Surface (not Surface Pro) tablets, there was access to the desktop, but there was no way to install desktop apps. With Windows Phone 8, even though the core of Windows 8 was …

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Microsoft and Intel are both super green

Microsoft Green

Microsoft and Intel have placed in the top two spots for the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Green Power use ranking, both using clean energy sources for 100% of their power needs. This is all the more impressive when you see that combined, they use almost 5,600,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. …

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Whatsapp web messenger launches

Whatsapp web app

Today Whatsapp made a new web app available for its popular messaging client that will allow you to talk to your contacts from your desktop browser. While this currently only works in Google Chrome, support for other browsers is planned and should be available soon. Once your phone is linked to …

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Windows Holographic, the future of computer interaction


At todays Windows 10 event Microsoft announced, among many other things, its new plans for the future of computer interaction with Windows Holographic and Microsoft Hololens. Together these blend the real world around you with overlaid interactive holograms that can be controlled with gestures and voice, in ways only seen previously …

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Facebook allows you to report fake news

Facebook news false

Facebook will soon allow you to report fake news stories that appear in your news feed, so that others can be made aware that they are not in fact true. They have said that this will only affect news from pages that are deliberately trying to mislead readers and not satirical …

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Sid Meier goes beyond space, to Starships


Sid Meier is apparently not happy with just going beyond earth and will soon be launching an all out assault on the stars, with 2K and Firaxis announcing their new game, Sid Meier’s Starships. Taking to space with a new interstellar strategy game that is set in the same universe as Civilization: Beyond Earth, it should …

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3D printed stone, metal and wood are here

MakerBot PLA Composite Filaments

MakerBot, the desktop 3D printing company, has revealed four new materials that you can now use to print your creations with. A little more exciting than the plastic that’s been used so far, they’re actually composites that contain real metal, stone and wood making this all the more impressive. These materials are mixed …

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Steam Machines are dead according to Origin PC CEO

During an interview with GameSpot today at the Consumer Electronics Show Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski revealed his thoughts on the state of Steam Machines and they are not great. He did however have some positive news about Valve’s Steam Controller though, in that it has now been finalized after several iterations and …

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FCC to vote on net neutrality on 26th February

FCC Tom Wheeler

Chairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed during a CES speech, that the voting on the open Internet order will go ahead on the 26th of February. He also all but confirmed that internet service providers (ISPs) will be reclassified as common carriers under Title II provisions in the Communications Act. This would …

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Intel’s Curie, the tiny SoC that can

Intel Curie

Intel’s announced it’s new SoC (system-on-chip) for wearable devices today at CES. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2015 this tiny all in one system will be able to fit just about anywhere, with it being around the same size as your thumbnail. Intel have also revealed plans with several …

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Dell’s new XPS 13 and XPS 15 revealed

xps 13

At CES today Dell announced refreshes of it’s XPS 13 and XPS 15 Ultrabooks, with the XPS 13 seemingly getting most of the attention. The reason for this is that Dell is claiming that the XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch Ultrabook available today, along with the stunning virtually borderless “infinity display” that …

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Over 3000 games for free, in your browser

MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive is an amazing non-profit site, that is mainly known for providing snapshots of millions of websites, right back to 1996 with it’s “Wayback Machine”. It also wants to archive as much of the worlds media as possible by adding films, music, speeches and software. Recently it has been adding …

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ASUS brings you more Zen(fone)


ASUS has announced it’s new ZenFone 2 today at CES, a year after the release of the last ZenFone at CES 2014. While it has been refined in every aspect from previous ZenFone models what makes it slightly different than most Android phones is what’s inside. The CPU in this case …

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Google Cast speaks to your speakers

Google Cast

Today Google announced a new feature called Cast, building upon its existing Chromecast technology. Where Chromecast is specifically for sending video between devices, Cast is going to be used for playing music to compatible speaker systems. It will be possible to send audio from Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as from the …

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