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Kick your feet up with this Kickstarter

Sitting at your desk is something that you probably do for a substantial portion of the day whether you work in an office, or play games at home. If this sounds like you, then you probably also have a nice chair that you find comfy to sit in for those long periods. What about your feet though? Do you put them on the floor or up on a stool maybe? Maybe just on top of your PC or some boxes?

Either way, none of these options are really ideal and a fresh off the press Kickstarter, aims to change that. The Foot Hammock is, like it sounds, a small hammock for your feet. It firmly attaches to two adhesive mounts under your desk and from there, two adjustable straps go to a small hammock for you to rest your feet on.

Foot Hammock

Once secured, the hammock will be able to hold 100 pounds of weight and can also be machine washed when needed for those of us who want to use it bare foot. With several options for material and even heated hammocks, this seems like a simple but ingenious idea by Matt Hulme, the creator of this project. The adjustable straps allow you to have your feet just off the floor, or as high as you need depending on how you are sitting. Starting out at $20 for a mesh material and going up to $40 for a heated fleece (+$15 if shipping outside the US) the expected shipping date is June this year.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gLLzDpcZJw']

Early bird options are all sold out unfortunately, but it looks like this project is easily going to surpass its initial goal of $15,000 with pledges of $12,028 so far in the first day and 32 days still to go. As always when backing Kickstarter projects, be aware that you are not buying a finished product and there may be delays and changes made to the final product, if you have concerns about this you should read the Kickstarter help pages here.

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KitGuru Says: I have a small IKEA table under my desk for me to rest my feet on when I'm leaning back or fidgeting so this Kickstarter pretty much had me at hammock. I do hope that it will all work out for Matt, as it is always a risk for backers that there will be delays or changes made to the final design. I've gone for a Fleece Hammock, anyone else interested in backing?

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