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Rapidshare will close. No longer feels like sharing


Filesharing sites tend to have pretty short lives, with most popular sites being forced to call it a day after a few years at most. Rapidshare has been though its share of ups and downs, but it has been around for a long time now, since it was first founded in 2002 …

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Netflix opens its virtual doors in Cuba


While many of us have no problem paying Netflix its monthly subscription fee, if you were on the average Cuban monthly wage of around $25 per month, you would be pretty shocked to hear that the streaming video service will soon be launching in Cuba from $7.99 per month! Not only does the Cuban …

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Collision resistant Drones for Good


Drones can be pretty easy to crash, whether you know what you are doing and have had plenty of practice flying them, or if you decide to try out your friends drone while drunk and fly it into the Whitehouse. A small Swiss team called Flyability think it has the answer to …

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Google dropping SPDY support for HTTP/2


Support for Google’s home-grown experimental networking protocol SPDY (pronounced speedy) will soon be dropped by browser vendors and eventually Google itself, as they move on to the new standard, HTTP/2. While this second version of the well-known hyper text transfer protocol has been a long time coming, we can in part thank …

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Screenshots on your Xbox One are coming soon

Xbox screenshot

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division has announced on twitter that ability to capture screenshots is now coming to the Xbox One console. This long requested feature has been one of the top requests by users since day one, but up until now the Xbox One has only had the …

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Aquaris E4.5 will be the first Ubuntu phone to market

Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

Spanish mobile phone manufacturer BQ will soon be selling the first Ubuntu smartphone on the market, the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition. Almost the same as the regular Aquaris E4.5 that runs Android, the Ubuntu version of the phone will cost €170 (about $190), but in a strange move, at first it will only be …

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Silicene transistors created, could be a replacement for silicon


While our silicon chips are generally fast enough at the moment, as we have to pack more transistors into them the manufacturing process has to get smaller and smaller. With most chips made today being fabricated at nanometre lengths between 45nm and 14nm, this process of getting transistors to work correctly at smaller scales is …

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New Title II regulations will be in the hands of the FCC tomorrow


FCC chairman Tom Wheeler will reveal his new net neutrality rules to the four other FCC commissioners tomorrow, but he has let us know pretty clearly what direction he is heading in and it’s looking like a big win for consumers. In an opinion article for Wired, he said that “[the] rules will ban paid prioritization, …

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Kindle Convert allows you to digitize your library

Kindle convert

Amazon have released a PC application that you can use to turn your dusty old physical books, into Kindle ebooks. The app will allow you to scan any book while running text recognition to properly digitize the text and preserving any notes and pictures as well. These ebooks can then …

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Another week, another Flash vulnerability


You really should disable or uninstall Adobe Flash at this point. If you haven’t yet done so however here is another reason, following on from last week’s 0-day exploit; there is another critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited in the wild, the only difference this time is that there is …

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Only 1.6% of Android phones run Lollipop

Android versions

Android 5.0 (or “Lollipop” as its known) has been out for over 3 months now and unfortunately despite the massive improvements over earlier version of Android, it is hardly managing to make a dent in the overall Android picture. Even the long since supported Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” has over four times …

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Google will change its Privacy Policy for the better


Since Google changed its privacy policy back in 2012, it has been under investigation in no less than 28 countries. It has been fined by both Spain and France for the vagueness of the policy, which does not clearly state how it will store and collect personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office …

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Google Now gains 3rd party app integration


Shouting at your Android phone is pretty fun with Google now, but Google is about to enhance this functionality and it will soon announce that it’s allowing third-party apps to deliver information to Google Now. This will allow over 30 selected third-party developers to integrate their services into the voice service, in …

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Outlook app for iOS and Android released


Microsoft has just released its new Outlook apps for both iOS and Android devices, and already, it has risen above Gmail and other similar productivity apps in the iOS store. While it has been based on the Acompli app that Microsoft bought at the end of last year, this new re-branded …

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Alibaba sinks $10 million into OUYA Android console


The OUYA console started its life as one of Kickstarters most successful projects back in 2012, raising over $8.6 million from backers and blazing past its $950,000 goal in less than a 8 hours. Since then the $99 Android console has been though a few ups and downs, it has been …

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Alienware could be making a gaming tablet


Alienware has been diversifying from its core market of high performance gaming machines for a while now, with the likes of the Alienware Alpha, that was originally conceived as a Steambox but has Windows installed, until SteamOS is ready. Now it seems it will soon be getting into the gaming tablet arena with the …

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FCC says 25Mbps is the new minimum broadband speed

FCC BB deployment

The United States Federal Communications Commission has today passed a vote to redefine the minimum broadband download speed to 25 Mbps, and the minimum upload speed to 3 Mbps. The previous 4 Mbps/1 Mbps standard set in 2010, was declared outdated and was in the view of the commission “failing to keep pace …

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Steam Workshop makes creators $50 million richer

Valve’s Steam Workshop was first launched in 2011 for Team Fortress 2 items and allows players of Valve and Steamworks-enabled games to download user-created content for their games. In Valve’s own games you can also pay for some of these items and it seems that this can now be considered a success, …

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Tesla P85D gets going fast with new ‘insane’ mode

Tesla P85D

Tesla’s electric powered cars, have always bucked the stereotype that having an all-electric car meant it would be slow and have terrible acceleration. The new Model S P85D is no exception to this rule and with several changes from the regular P85, one of which is a new “Insane” mode, …

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The White House isn’t all that drone proof it seems

White House DJI

Last Monday a small civilian drone crashed into the grounds of the White House, causing quite a stir over exactly how secure the White House actually is against drone attacks. It has now been revealed that the drone in question, a DJI Phantom quadrocopter, was actually being flown by an …

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Facebook Login claims over 60% of customer identity services logins

gigya login

Facebook has provided a login option for 3rd party since 2008, and in recent years, social logins have become a very popular option to allow users to login to websites securely. Recent statistics from Gigya, a company that provides an identity management platform that bundles login options from several different providers, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter …

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