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Disney debuts tactile feedback system for touch screens

One of the biggest drawbacks with touch screen input technology, is the fact that you have to look at it to figure out what you're pressing and for the very sensitive ones, it's hard to tell if you've touched something you didn't want to until it's too late. Disney of all companies has been working on a technology that it thinks will solve these hiccups, by providing tactile feedback to the toucher, by modulating the voltage going into an “electro vibration based display.”

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These vibrations are designed to trigger the nerve endings in our fingers to offer the feeling of ridges, edges and troughs, thereby creating the potential for not only keyboard-like, virtual protrusions, but the ability to feel an object before buying it, or perhaps even offer a more… intimate, interaction over webcams.

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Some uses for the tech – according to Disney – include the conveying of height and depth on maps, interaction with 3D renderings and potentially providing blind people with the potential to augment their darkened reality, by having an on the move, tactile display that they can interact with. 

KitGuru Says: Some interesting ideas brought forward with this technology. What sort of uses could you guys see it having?

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