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iControlPad Kickstarter is going well

The Kickstarter funding campaign for the second version of the iControlPad, named the same with a simple “2” added to the end, is going very well, chocking up almost a third of its goal money in less than four days. At the time of writing, it sits at $41,623 with a total of 431 backers.

Like its predecessor, the iControlPad2 is designed to offer a real world button gaming experience on mobile and tablet devices. It features twin thumbsticks, a d-pad and four face buttons like the original, but this new iteration – currently in the prototype stage – has a full QWERTY keyboard built into it also.

As well as that addition, the way it attaches to the tablet or smartphone has also changed. Instead of the handset clipping on to the iControlPad2, it now has a rotational device clamp that allows for the keyboard and controls to be rotated underneath, allowing for the use of the phone in a standard manner as well without detaching.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3uKuZq7yBM']

On top of all this, the firmware for the device is open source, with the creators hoping that this will allow developers to add all sorts of functions to the device. Considering the iControlPad2 is compatible with the Raspberry Pi, expect some great additions to the controller's repertoire soon enough.

If you want to get hold of one of these as part of the KickStarter campaign, a pledge of $69 (£43) or more will get on one, though you can get an original ControlPad “Final Special Edition” for $49 (£30).

KitGuru Says: The final retail price is expected to be around $85 (£52), so you'll be getting the iControlPad2 for nearly half price by contributing. Of course if you want one of the 10 special edition, gold plated versions you'll need to spend around £300. Not something many will be interested in, but three backers have already pledged their cash for it.

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