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iFixit investigation shows PS5 DualSense controller ‘stick drift’ kicks in after 400 hours

Sony has been catching some criticism over the PS5 ‘DualSense’ controller for a few weeks now, with some even participating in a class action lawsuit. In an investigation over the controller’s ‘stick drift’ issues, some experts pin the DualSense’s lifespan at around 417 hours before stick drift issues start to …

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Rambus introduce a new HBM2E interface solution

Rambus has announced a new addition to its range of High-speed memory interface solutions with a new High Bandwidth Memory 2E controller and a physical layer IP to deliver maximum performance in a compact, power-efficient package. The new HBM2E controller and PHY IP from Rambus provides customers with a complete …

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CORSAIR is acquiring SCUF Gaming

Corsair has been making some huge business moves over the last few years, starting off with a new company acquiring a majority stake for $525 million back in 2017. Since then, Corsair has gone on to acquire system builder ‘ORIGIN PC‘ and streaming hardware maker ‘Elgato‘. Now, Corsair is also …

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Google working on its own gaming console, controller design appears online

There has been talk of Google releasing its own gaming console since as far back as 2013. Over the years, these rumours have been consistent and Google has confirmed plans to enter the gaming market with acquisitions of studios and the public testing of a new streaming service. It looks like we are now closer than ever to seeing Google's own gaming hardware too, with the controller design being revealed over the weekend.

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