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Microsoft working on a smartphone

Microsoft is apparently testing a new Windows smartphone design, though it's one that will be Microsoft branded, not one developed by one of its partners like Nokia, Samsung and HTC. It's not clear yet if the concept will go into full production, but it's at least in the developmental testing stage.

According to the WSJ, the device is between four and five inches long and will likely run a version of Microsoft's Windows 8 that is already being used on the company's homegrown Surface tablet. Commenters have suggested that this unified strategy of hardware and software, all of which is internally designed, is a practice that has been copied from Apple – and has been shown to be effective by the fruity firm.

Will it be called the Surface mini?

Part of the reason for this could be that current Windows Phones by other developers haven't been selling very well, though they could see a bit of a resurgence with the introduction of Xbox Smartglass, which sees tablets and compatible smartphones able to be used as Xbox controllers. That said, with hints from Microsoft that an iOS version of the app isn't far away, this may not help much.

Of course the official line at the moment is ‘no comment,' with CEO at Microsoft Steve Ballmer simply saying, “Whether we had a plan to do something different or we didn't have a plan I wouldn't comment in any dimension.”

KitGuru Says: Would any of you guys buy a Windows Phone designed by Microsoft? Let us know.

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