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Soundhalo will stream hi-def gig footage while you’re there

We’ve all done it at some point, got caught up in the atmosphere at a gig or event and decided we’d film a segment to show friends and family. Before you know it though you’re watching the whole thing through your phone, making short clips you’ll never watch again. Fortunately people are beginning to realise how dumb this is, but for those that haven’t yet (read: anyone that owns an iPad, it seems) Soundhalo might convince them otherwise.

The tech is being trialed tonight at the Brixton Academy with a couple of shows and will roll out elsewhere if it’s successful. At the moment it’s still in beta, but the idea behind Soundhalo, is to provide high quality downloads of songs, as soon as they’re finished, letting those with the Soundhalo app get hold of them straight away.

The app itself is free, but you’ll need to pay for each song, which could be the programs downfall, since as crappy as they are, smartphone videos are free.


Gus Unger-Hamilton from Alt-J, one of the band’s trialing the app, said (via Wired): “I think the future of music and technology as an artist, and looking at how artists and fans interact, is really exciting. Artistic output no longer has to be be dictated by the things it used to be. It used to be how much music can you fit on a vinyl record? And how long is a video cassette? Now that no longer has to be the case.”

At the moment, the app is Android only, but an iOS version is in the works.

Kitguru Says: Sounds like a decent enough idea. The paying part is going to be a stumbling block though I think.

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