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3D Hologram projector for your smartphone

The latest Star Wars movies may have sucked, but there is no denying that the original releases in the 1970’s were way ahead of their time. We are still waiting on a 3D projector, similar to the one built into R2D2.
The wait may be over, as Imagination Farm USA LLC, based in Houston Texas have created the Holho hologram generator. The device uses a series of mirrors propped onto the top of a smartphone or tablet to produce the illusion of a 3D moving image.

The Holho is currently being featured on KickStarter and runs until September 24th. The team plan on releasing several different versions.

The Holho Full Pyramid is a construction of a four angled mirror on an inverted base, sized for smartphones and tablets. The end result is the illusion of a 3D image which floats in the air and can be viewed from any angle. The software application creates four images, generated by an application and positioned underneath the mirrors. Imagination Farm say there are a series of videos already created and the software will allow the user to create their own 3D images and videos.

The company have designed several versions of the same system to suit different requirements. The Holho Naked is designed for 10 inch tablets and uses a simple fold up mirror to create the 3D effect. When the device is closed it can then be used as a tablet case.

Moving up the product line, the Holho Zed is more sophisticated. A tablet rests on top of a perspex stand and shines the images on an angled transparent screen. It can also include a picture stand projecting the image using a white LED. It lastly creates a 3D effect picture frame around it.

If you want more details on the pricing and product range, then head over to this Kickstarter page. It is an interesting project which has certainly perked our interest. They have already raised around $15,000 of the total $58,000 needed.

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