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Android OS sales to surpass Blackberry and Apple

Make no mistake, Android is going to take over the world. At KitGuru we firmly believe that Googles smartphone operating system is going to dominate the market, if not this year then in 2011. After we reviewed the Dell Streak a while ago, we were in no doubts this would be the case.

Gartner Research share the same views as Kitguru because latest reports in say that by the end of 2010 the Android mobile OS will have surpassed both Apple and Blackberry – reaching second place behind Symbian. By 2014, their reports show that Android will be equal to Symbian.

The Dell Streak - Kitguru approved Android Smartphone

Why is this happening? Well a good portion of it is down to the pricing. Many manufacturers who adopt the Android OS in their smartphone are selling the devices much lower than the iPhone. In the USA for instance, Android is expected to reach the top spot by the end of 2010. AT&T have also had a bad reputation for their iPhone service in the USA and people have no other carrier options. Nokia's presence here is quite low compared to Europe. Apple have caught on to this and are going to offer their iphones for sale now with other carriers, hoping to negate the Android push. We don't think this will have much of an effect on Android sales long term.

Let's not also overlook the fact that Android is also a damn fine operating system, it is intuitive, looks great and performs well on a good cross section of hardware.

KitGuru says: Let's not totally dismiss Microsoft either, as the release of their Windows Phone 7 operating system is due to hit the market soon.

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