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Hundreds of Apple lovers camp out for Ontario store opening

On Saturday Apple opened a new store in the York Region at Upper Canada Mail in Newmarket, Ontario. As with every Apple store launch, it was an almost religious experience with hundreds of people waiting in line for the final moments.

By 8 a.m., hundreds had staked out a spot in a pair of lines that stretched in either direction from the Apple store’s glass-plated entrance. At the head of the throngs, hoping to score the coveted, yet highly elusive iPhone 4, was Richmond Hill’s Michael She,” Pearce reports. “He and a contingent of friends and family had arrived at 9 p.m. last night to ensure they got one of the sought-after devices. ‘I really want the iPhone 4,’ Mr. She said. ‘You can’t find it anywhere else right now.'”

Apple lovers in Canada - they have them everywhere

The verdict? Many people said it was a great addition to their shopping center and that customers no longer have to travel to Toronto.

KitGuru says: Where you one of the Canadian Apple lovers who waited in line for the opening or where you in bed with a cup of hot chocolate?

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