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Microsoft employees hold a funeral parade for iPhone and Blackberry

Microsoft delivered a rather wacky ‘celebration’ a few days ago when their Windows Phone 7 OS achieved ‘release to manufacturing’ status. They held a rather weird funeral parade for the Blackberry and iPhone.

This parade was held through the companies Redmond Campus, and was initially reported on by NeoWin. The employees were driving hearses complete with oversized Blackberry and iPhone coffins.

Microsoft Employees blow off some steam as Windows Phone 7 RTM status is reached. Green tights optional.

One truck featured a sign which said, “Windows Phone 7 OS Platform buries the competition.” In doing so, Microsoft takes its place in a long line of products that were billed as “iPhone killers.”

Microsoft’s new OS is due to launch on October 11th in New York City, although the first units are not going to be made available until late October in Europe and November in the U.S.

KitGuru says: Microsoft have their hands full with Google’s Android, which is set to dominate the market in 2011, however we would be foolish to discount the phone version of Windows 7.

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