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Blackberry loses £47 Billion. Now that’s just careless.

One thing that KitGuru’s known for a long, long time and that’s the fact that the world never stops turning – and each revolution brings its own, revolution. In the field of mobile phones, the king is dead and the prince is now taking a beating. KitGuru pulls out the trusty abacus and makes some startling calculations.

While Nokia executives ruled the world from the soft leather armchairs in the first floor bar of the Hotel Kämp – swigging mojitos and patting themselves on the back at how clever they were to have moved out of the Wellington boot business. The year was 2002 and the early Blackberries looked like clunking, monochromatic slabs – compared to the phones of today.

Over at Apple’s HQ, the iPhone would not even be placed on the drawing board for another 3 years.

Roll the clock forward just a little and Nokia got smashed by the rapidly improving RIM products, which were backed by a very intelligent, global email system and enough security to make even the most cautious VP relax and thumb-mail his mates.

So why the change?  How has Nokia (inventor of the Communicator) managed to put itself into intensive care – and how has Blackberry managed to shrivel and die on the branch?

Mobile broadband was considered a huge con by the main carriers when they bid £22 Billion for Tony Blair’s 3G licenses. But the ability to maintain a 200kbps connection in a good signal area, has actually revolutionised the mobile communications experience.

It allowed for the addition of multimedia.

On January 9, 2007, Jobs announced the iPhone and the world changed forever. Adding in a smart App Store, meant that Apple could continue to earn enormous revenue from phone sales – long after the customer left the store.

Google’s Android is also growing from strength to strength, with many manufacturers releasing a multitude of phones to target a wide audience.

Sadly, RIM’s Blackberry seems to only make the news now when something goes wrong. Are customers losing faith in the company?

Bold no more... Sad really. What would it take for Blackberry to be squashed forever - or become a sub-brand of someone like Samsung? You can't mess with Apple's ability to carry on earning from a sale with their App Store

KitGuru says: Hearing that Blackberry’s value has dropped from £53 Billion to just £5.3 Billion is a sad indication that many of today’s mobile phone companies may not be with us in the Apple white future we all seem destined to share.

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