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Dell 7 inch Tablet launch might be closer than expected

KitGuru has reported on the upcoming 7 inch tablet recently, but we hear that the launch date might be closer than expected. It looks as if Dell will be releasing their 7 inch tablet in the next few weeks and a 10 inch tablet within a year. Michael Dell has highlighted the product in a recent Oracle conference last week but no details have been forthcoming yet.

KitGuru reviewed the 5 inch Dell Streak recently and while we thought it was great, according to Dell it did not sell a large number of units.

Neeraj Choubey, general manager of the tablets division at Dell told Wired.com that the Streak aka Dell 5 Mini would be the first in a series of devices. “We are going to have a family of tablets,” Choubey said. “The first one is a 5-inch screen but we want to scale that up to a variety of screen sizes.”

The tablet market is one of the most exciting right now, with many major players preparing new models for launch either at the end of this year or in 2011. The BlackBerry Playbook for instance is getting a lot of press right now and the Samsung Galaxy S is sure to be a hot favourite.

KitGuru says: Apple have sold over 3 million iPads so far and there is a lot of cash to be made from tablet sales, a point no one is missing.

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