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Nokia shuns origins, coolest features are USA-only

Over the past 5 years, Nokia’s fall from grace has been spectacular. The Finnish frost giant is going to have to do something pretty amazing to save itself from further falls in the future. KitGuru has just learned that Nokia’s technology and marketing teams have made an unusual choice with its latest mobile product. Here are the rumblings around CES.

In a global market, the USA buys something like 15% of the technology being produced. It’s a significant market, but smaller than the EU or APAC regions. But Nokia is making some US-centric choices with next-gen phone technology launches.

So what is Nokia up to?

While the rest of the world must make do with the lower spec Lumia 800, our American cousins will be plied with additional camera technology and the variable benefits of LTE (Long Term Evolution) transmission technology.

And it looks like they won’t be paying more for it.

While LTE may not exactly be 4G, it’s a long way forward from bog-standard 3G and could lead to a much better user experience if it works properly wherever you’re standing. Rumour has it that big files could download up to 500% quicker in areas where the newer technologies being rolled out.

The most ironic thing here is that Nordic Nokia will be scamming Scandinavians, who worked really hard to set up the first LTE services in Stockholm and Oslo, way back in 2009.

HTC is less shy about offering Europeans the latest technologies at affordable prices. This Titan claims to offer 4G already.

KitGuru says: While Nokia must have its reasons, the rest of the world already thinks that the Finns are playing catch-up with mobile products. Not pushing your best product forward into the largest markets must raise some questions.

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