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HTC partners with Usain for the ‘Bolt’ smartphone


HTC's smartphone business hasn't been going too well in recent years. Its flagship devices have failed to find the strong market they needed to be a life-saver for the company, though it has found some success in 2016 with its VR ventures. However this doesn't mean it's giving up on phones. …

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4G coverage still patchy, but EE is now the fastest


If you live in an area with decent 4G coverage, think yourself lucky, as much of the UK is still living without the high-speed wireless internet connection. If you're trying to figure out which carrier might be best for it though, EE currently holds the performance crown, snatching it from …

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Qualcomm fits-in ARM Cortex-A72, 4K support into mainstream SoCs

Qualcomm, the world’s largest supplier of mobile application processors, has introduced its new lineup of mobile system-on-chips for mainstream smartphones, tablets and other devices. The new Snapdragon 600-series application processors feature ARM’s latest Cortex-A72 cores, support 4K video capture and playback, advanced storage technologies, a number of other high-end features …

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Samsung to integrate baseband capabilities into its Exynos mobile APs

In an attempt to lower its dependence on Qualcomm, the world’s largest developer of application processors for mobile devices, Samsung plans to integrate baseband capabilities into its advanced Exynos system-on-chips. Such SoCs will emerge next year and will power devices the company will release in 2016. For years flagship smartphones …

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Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent restart merge talks

Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Corp. have restarted talks about a possible merger, according to a media report. If the companies become one, they will be the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment with formidable portfolio of telco patents. The Manager Magazin reported this week that Nokia, with its strength in wireless networks, …

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs have leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 appears to have leaked ahead of its supposed unveiling next month, revealing its full specifications which include a 1440p QHD display and a Snapdragon 805 processor. This leak comes via a retailer based in India, Eraphone, which is prematurely taking pre-orders for the upcoming device. …

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Lenovo acquires mobile patents from NEC

Lenovo Group, the largest supplier of personal computers in the world that wants to become a top smartphone maker, said that it had bought a portfolio of mobile patents from NEC Corp. The move should help Lenovo to avoid legal conflicts with other makers of smartphones and boost its own …

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EE adds 4G to 14 towns and 18 airports

EE has switched on 4G LTE connectivity in 14 more towns as well as 18 airports, ramping up its 4G coverage in order to stay competitive with  the expanding infrastructures of rival networks: O2 and Vodafone. EE now has 70 per cent of the population connected to 4G, in total …

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S. Korea mulls 5G wireless Internet with 1000x 4G/LTE speed by 2020

The South Korean government plans to invest approximately 1.6 trillion of won ($1.49 billion, €1.088 billion, £895.89 million) into joint development and commercialization of the 5G wireless telecommunication technology with commercial companies. The 5G promises to be around a thousand times faster than existing standards. The science ministry of South …

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Samsung think it’s figured out 5G

While Everything Everywhere and other mobile providers have been keen to push their 4G offerings on customers with big data habits, Samsung has apparently already figured out the next-generation of wireless data transfer, naming it cleverly: 5G. The speeds are huge too. This is beyond WiFi and even faster than …

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Ultimate irony as 4G launches in Swindon

If there's one sector of the market that Intel would like more of, it's the mobile computing business. Sure, phones would be nice – but that seems a way off. In the more immediate term, Microsoft's decision to release Windows 8 RT for the ARM instruction face looks like a …

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Nokia shuns origins, coolest features are USA-only

Over the past 5 years, Nokia's fall from grace has been spectacular. The Finnish frost giant is going to have to do something pretty amazing to save itself from further falls in the future. KitGuru has just learned that Nokia's technology and marketing teams have made an unusual choice with …

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