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Ultimate irony as 4G launches in Swindon

If there's one sector of the market that Intel would like more of, it's the mobile computing business. Sure, phones would be nice – but that seems a way off. In the more immediate term, Microsoft's decision to release Windows 8 RT for the ARM instruction face looks like a serious face-slap. But there's an even more ironic fact in play today. KitGuru journeys down the M4 for a laugh – iPad 3 in tow.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Apple's iPad 3 is that 4G has been splashed everywhere – including the UK store descriptions – but there is no 4G outside selected parts of America and Japan.

Until now.

In the ultimate ‘tongue out, thumb to nose and wiggle fingers', Apple's 4G features look like they will be made available outside Intel's offices ahead of everywhere else in the UK. Following on from a limited 4G LTE deployment in London for commercial purposes in May 2012, PCCW owned UK Broadband will be targeting Intel's home town of Swindon.

UK Broadband has a very mundane web site - unlike parent PCCW which is very swanky

UK Broadband's CEO, Nicolas James, said that it was the sad state of mobile communications in Swindon that made it appealing.

Having plowed £400,000 of tax payer's money into a failed project already, Swindon board [bored ? – Ed] director for transformation, Hitesh Patel, is hoping to provide a faster way to download video and documents while on the move. Exactly what videos Hitesh was after watching when not in the office or at home is unclear at this time.

We looked hard for a connection between Apple and PCCW, but could not find one. Maybe providing the Intel campus with a 4G network was a complete accident. Maybe.

KitGuru says: While we haven't heard of a specific ban in iPads at Intel, we can also say that we've never seen an Intel person carrying on in person. Looks like having an iPhone 5 or iPad 3 in the Piper's Way region of Swindon will pay big dividends come October.

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