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HTC reckons we prefer thin phones over battery life

HTC has been doing its fair part of market research, one of the topics being whether customers prefer thin smartphones or smartphones that compromise a couple of millimetres here and there for better battery life. At the end of the research it was discovered that thinner, more aesthetically pleasing phones were preferred. Furthermore, HTC has apparently since scrapped plans for 3000 mAh capacity or more smartphones from its roadmap. As comparison, an average smartphone battery capacity today is between 1500 and 1800 mAh.

HTC's One X has both a larger battery and a thinner waistline than its predecessors

But all hope is not lost yet for fans of HTC’s smartphones who also want better battery life, they are investing in new battery technologies and better power management within the software. HTC’s vice president of product strategy, Bjorn Kilburn, did not forget to point out that the One X flagship has a larger battery while being thinner than the HTC Sensation.

KitGuru says: Hardware is soon approaching its limits in a smartphone, bring on the software optimisations.

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