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HTC One X+ is leaked again

Earlier in the month specifications for the upcoming One X+ from HTC were leaked, today the same device has been confirmed by images of the front and rear. Aesthetically, the upcoming device looks to the same as the current One X; retaining the same polycarbonate plastic. Under the plastic body …

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HTC: Sense 4.0 multitasking is working as designed

There has been much confusion in enthusiast circles recently when it appeared that multitasking was ‘broken’ (or modified) on HTC’s Sense 4.0 user interface, which is present on their latest Android smartphones. Instead of ‘true’ Windows-like multitasking that is present on stock Android 4.0, HTC has tweaked Sense so it …

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HTC reckons we prefer thin phones over battery life

HTC has been doing its fair part of market research, one of the topics being whether customers prefer thin smartphones or smartphones that compromise a couple of millimetres here and there for better battery life. At the end of the research it was discovered that thinner, more aesthetically pleasing phones were preferred. …

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