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HTC claims much improved battery life with the One series

It was only a few short years ago that we had mobile phones that would last for weeks on end without life support enabled. More recently in the smartphone era you are expected to live with near-daily charges. While claims of improving not just smartphone battery life but also battery technology are few and far between, HTC claims that they “put a great deal of effort into improving overall device performance and battery life.”

HTC is claiming some big battery boosts with its latest One series compared to its previous flagship

With the HTC One series HTC has investigated many aspects of the phone including the chipset, display and the operating system to ensure the most efficient use of both power and data consumption. They claim that compared against the former flagship Sensation handset, HTC has increased talk time by 147%, MP3 playback time by 105%, video playback time by 39% and web browsing time by 23%.

As a result of a internal motivator between engineering teams called the Battery Stamina Boost Project the 1800 mAh battery in the HTC One X will now last longer than ever due to hardware and software optimisations. However, this is something I'm not seeing in the real world yet.

KitGuru says: No matter what HTC claims, we reckon lithium based batteries have to be replaced by a more advanced technology before consumers start to see remaining battery life measured in days rather than hours.

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