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HTC One X updated to Android 4.0.4, Sense 4.1

A couple of months ago we revealed that HTC had plans to update its flagship One X Android smartphone to Android 4.0.4. At the time we expected the update to roll out within a fortnight but for whatever reasons it was pushed back and returns with many speed improvements.

Improvements made in the new OTA update includes a better browsing experience with the addition of an easily accessible tab button, more camera features such as continuous autofocus. One of the main improvements is that you can now prevent the menu button from appearing at the bottom of the display, which would consume a noticeable percentage of area. Instead it can be mapped to the recent applications key.

Users are also reporting improved battery life and a much smoother user interface. The firmware version is 2.17.401.2 and is currently rolling out to unlocked, international variants of HTC’s One X.

KitGuru says: From the sounds of it, this update closes the gap between itself and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

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