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Superfast broadband now covers 95 percent of the UK

Covering 95 percent of the UK with Superfast broadband has been a part of the government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative since 2011 and after some delays, it seems that goal has finally been achieved. The details were collected last month, and while Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales fall below …

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Virgin Media to spend £3 billion improving fibre network

Virgin Media has today announced plans to spend £3 billion improving its fibre-optic broadband network, creating 6000 jobs in the process. These improvements will roll out over the next five years and is the largest investment in the UK’s broadband infrastructure made in the past decade. The investment is currently …

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UK £1Bn broadband shortfall solved

Using the old ‘give yourself enough rope and you can inflict a great self-hanging’ wisdom, the UK government decided that 100% of households will have high speed broadband by 2015. Now, according to the LSE (London School of Economics), there will be a shortfall of around $1Bn. KitGuru calculates that …

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Ultimate irony as 4G launches in Swindon

If there’s one sector of the market that Intel would like more of, it’s the mobile computing business. Sure, phones would be nice – but that seems a way off. In the more immediate term, Microsoft’s decision to release Windows 8 RT for the ARM instruction face looks like a …

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UK government push £50 million for superfast broadband

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has said that they will direct another £50 million to help push the development of super fast broadband. KitGuru has covered the poor state of broadband services in the United Kingdom before, and it is clear that some of the superfast packages are …

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Virgin Media attack broadband speed lies in UK

Virgin Media have started to attack other ISPs in the UK claiming that many ISP’s are lying about their actual speeds. The campaign is being held at http://www.stopthebroadbandcon.org/ and includes a personal plea from media darling Richard Branson. He says “If you regularly use the web, I would ask you …

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