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Virgin Media attack broadband speed lies in UK

Virgin Media have started to attack other ISPs in the UK claiming that many ISP’s are lying about their actual speeds.

The campaign is being held at http://www.stopthebroadbandcon.org/ and includes a personal plea from media darling Richard Branson.

He says “If you regularly use the web, I would ask you to spend just a few moments reading this. Virgin prides itself on being innovative and challenging the norms but my views on how to treat customers are pretty traditional. Whether it’s a topped up pint in the pub, the full forty miles-to-the–gallon or broadband speeds – we should all get what we pay for. At Virgin, we believe in being honest about the service we provide. But there’s something going on in broadband advertising that’s against everything we stand for.”

Richard Branson - flying the flag (plane?) for fast broadband

He is keen to point out that many rivals are just not delivering on their claims and that Virgin Media is the best deal in the UK right now. “I’m challenging all broadband providers to be honest with their customers. And I’m asking you to challenge your provider as well.” Fighting words indeed Sir Branson.

Sky come under attack for averaging only 8MB from their 20MB service according to Sam Knows. Perhaps they should spend a little less time promoting their 3D TV and sort out the current customers?

KitGuru says: UK Broadband is getting better, but to be fair it does still generally suck. We hope to see improvements in 2011, but we aren’t holding our breath.

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