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ARM speak with Google to replace Intel

Industry insiders have confirmed with KitGuru that ARM have been speaking with Google in the attempt to get the search engine giant to replace the processors in their television products.

Intel currently supply stocks of their ATOM processor to Google and it is a fairly lucrative source of revenue for the CPU giant. The debate on whether this is a feasible move is heating up however as their are pros and cons for both. While the Arm processors are less expensive and will consume less power than the ATOM, it may cause issues for Google as the TV software has been designed for x86 architecture.

ARM'd and ready to rock

Intel's ATOM is a relatively low power drain chip, however the ARM solutions can take as little as 1 watt power drain which is pretty incredible. Other options may include the AMD Zacate at a later date, for a further revision.

KitGuru says: ARM or ATOM ? your views.

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