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SpaceX secures a billion in funding from Google, Fidelity

Tech giant Google and investment management firm Fidelity, have together invested a billion dollars into Elon Musk's Space X company, bringing its value to over $10 billion and helping to kick-start the project which Musk himself talked about recently: the plan to build a network of miniature satellites to offer …

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Elon Musk to make global internet dream a reality

One of the pipe dream projects that appears on Imgur, Reddit and a number of other sites occasionally is the idea that sending hundreds of miniature satellites into space would allow for the proliferation of cheap, sustainable internet that wouldn't be controlled by any centralised organisation. That's a nice idea, …

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Virgin Galactic goes supersonic at 71,000 feet

Ever the dreamer, Richard Branson continues to push forward on the idea of affordable space flight with another test of the amazing looking Virgin Galactic craft. This time we have video. KitGuru dons a fishing bowl for added effect. From the time he was a scrawny teenager, watching Neil Armstrong …

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Virgin Galactic get clearance for rocket test flights

Virgin Galactic have been working hard to offer members of the public the opportunity to travel into space onboard a rocket powered craft. Their partner Scaled Composites have been granted an experimental permit from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is the first step in getting their dream a reality. …

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Richard Branson to head underwater on latest adventures

Richard Branson, business guru and entrepreneur has detailed that he has abandoned his balloon flight exploits to focus on exploring the deepest parts of the world's oceans with a new jet styled submarine. This 18 foot vessel can travel down 36,000 feet below the surface and is part of the …

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Virgin Media attack broadband speed lies in UK

Virgin Media have started to attack other ISPs in the UK claiming that many ISP's are lying about their actual speeds. The campaign is being held at http://www.stopthebroadbandcon.org/ and includes a personal plea from media darling Richard Branson. He says “If you regularly use the web, I would ask you …

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