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Lenovo could be working on Chromebooks for enterprise

Lenovo has been the something of the company to watch recently as their revenues have more than tripled to $33 billion in 2012 in just a few years. Reports are suggesting that some enterprises are looking to trial Chromebooks and they want Lenovo to supply them on the back on their high reputation for laptops. Such Chrome OS devices could launch during the Google I/O developer's conference in mid-May.

Any such Chromebooks would be powered by either x86 or ARM processors depending upon the model in question. They will come equipped with 16 GB of solid state storage and include a range of screen sizes from 11.6 inches up to 14 inches. A big draw card of these devices would of course be the magnificent ThinkPad keyboard.

Pricing could be as low as $299 for entry-level ARM devices. Upper-tier models with more processing power and battery life could reach $399 or $499. Which brings us to the main appeal of Chromebooks to enterprise; they are basically zero-maintenance, resulting in thousands of dollars saved over equivalent Windows devices.

KitGuru says: For enterprises without the need for a specific Windows application, it's easy to see the allure of Chrome OS.

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