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Intel facing tough Ultrabook sell in Europe

Intel have been focusing lately on their Ultrabook range of computers, working with partners to release many machines this year. Their plans are to offer a variety of machines with excellent processing power and stylish design cues. It has already worked well for Apple with their Macbook Air, but Intel might face a tougher sell than they imagine.

According to research and comments from manufacturers, the European audience prefer notebook models with a minimum of 15 inch sized screens. Right now, almost half of notebooks for sale in the global market are 15 inch, but there are no 15 inch Ultrabook models.

No its not a Macbook Air: Its the HP Envy 14 Spectre.

Hewlett Packard have launched a 14 inch Ultrabook called the Envy 14 Spectre, but the price point ($1,399) means that it won’t reach a wide audience.

The other issue, apart from the size of the screen, is the current pricing. Apple may be able to get away with charging £1,000+ for a Macbook Air, but they have an audience of fanatic followers loyal to the brand. The PC centric audience are known to shop around for better deals between manufacturers and brand loyalty isn’t such a deciding factor.

Kitguru says: The big question is, can Intel take on Apple in their own territory?

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