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Intel continue to focus on Ultrabook. 75 designs coming.

Intel have been placing a lot of focus on their Ultrabook, and they announced last night that they have 75 new models in development. They will be releasing new form factors, including hybrids which can be switched between tablet and laptop.

Some people have questioned the Intel focus on the ‘new’ Ultrabook, feeling they are following, rather than leading. After all Apple have had their MacBook Air in the market now for some time. The new hybrid tablet/laptop design is also nothing new as Dell experienced some success with their Inspiron Duo N550 machine. The Ultrabook systems have so far, been too expensive for a wide portion of the potential audience.

Intel are keen to address this and are hoping to drop the starting price to the $699 mark later this year. This drops the price by $100 over current ‘low end’ offerings. Intel are also planning a huge marketing campaign to raise visibility.

Intel are helping support the development and have invested $300 million in companies who can develop new technologies for the Ultrabook market.

PCWorld add “Since the announcement, 21 Ultrabook devices have hit the market, but more are on the way, said Kirk Skaugen, Intel general manager for the PC Client group. Newer Ultrabooks will come with several new features including touchscreens for Windows 8 and hybrid designs, he added.

“I think we can deliver the best of a tablet, and the best in what (users) know in a notebook,” Skaugen told reporters.

As part of the campaign, Intel will also create “Ultrabook experience zones” in retail stores, to better set apart the devices from traditional laptops. “In order to be compliant to that section, you have to meet a series of tests that Intel is putting in the market place,” he said. These tests require devices to meet set requirements, including how thin the device is and how fast it accesses data.”

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